Artist statement

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OTTSTUFF (Estella, 1990) is an urban artist and graphic designer from Navarre (Spain).


Mixing the languages of iconographic graffiti and graphic design, he builds an oneiric and minimalist universe, where color plays the main expressive force. Iconographic graffiti, surrealism and minimalism are his main creative influences, also inspired by architecture and nature. Germinated in the public space, his artistic language approaches iconographic post-graffiti to a minimalist surrealism, addressing his interventions to the improvement of our daily relationship with the environment, throughout a constructive-affective transformation of it. Standing out among the artist’s most recurrent iconographic elements are his face silhouettes, which allows him to approach from equality topics related to human essence, laying aside stereotyped differentiations. Colorful dots are also featured iconographic elements in his work, as a nod to the primary elements of artistic expression.


From a figurative line of work, he mainly focuses on animals and people's portraits, playing with experimental techniques such as ink-and-bleach painting. Also, clay modelling and upcycling art are among his creative interests, frequently addressing the nature-humanity binomial as a the main topic.


Playing and circular experimentation are the beginning and end of his creative work.