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The pseudonym "OTTSTUFF" is a closed compound made up of two words:

  • "Ott", is the artist's second surname, very rare in Navarre, as it is a Bavarian surname, imported to his homeland by his great-grandparents. Also, as a neologism, we refer to OTT ("over the top") as free content transmission services, platforms that broadcast through different devices without depending on traditional broadcasting operators, a very powerful concept associated with creative work of the artist.
  • "Stuff", a way to refer things in a general and informal way, without saying exactly what they are. During his formative stage, OTTSTUFF lived in England, finding an ally in this word, an indisputable wild card. Besides, OTTSTUFF develops its creative work in different facets, evolving and expanding its creative interests, so that open and non-limiting way of referring to its projects will always be the most appropriate.

Originally, it simply means "things from Ott." However, beyond this intention, he also presents curious links and similarities such as the humorous expression "hot stuff" (talented or attractive person), providing that humorous essence so characteristic in the pseudonyms of urban culture.

2. What's the meaning of the face silhouette icon?

OTTSTUFF's face silhouette is part of his iconographic post-graffiti work, standing out as his main mutable icon. It allows him to approach different topics related to the human essence disregarding stereotypical differentiations.

3. Why 'post-graffiti' and not just 'graffiti'?

Graffiti evolves and merges with other passions and knowledge throughout life, in parallel with the individual's both personal and professional development, generating new unavoidable variants. However, it is necessary to differentiate and safeguard the term 'graffiti' as an independent phenomenon, without giving up its legitimate influence when applicable. It's all about respect, roots and consciousness.