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OTTSTUFF (Estella, 1990) is an urban artist and graphic designer from Spain. Mixing the languages and tools of  iconographic graffiti and graphic design, he develops an oneiric and minimalist universe, where color plays the main expressive force. From a figurative line of work, he mainly focuses on animals and people's portraits, playing with experimental techniques such as ink and bleach painting. Also, clay modelling and upcycling art are among his creative interests, frequently addressing the nature-humanity binomial as the main topic. Playing and circular experimentation are the beginning and end of his creative work.

Areas of work


Murals, creative illustration 
and personal work.

Development of a personal creative universe, from independent projects to commissions, using urban and experimental techniques, such as ink&bleach painting or clay design.



Branding, art direction,

video & photography.

Creation of visual identities, naming, brand conceptualisation, consultancy, creative campaigns, and audiovisual  corporate content. Specialization in the cultural sector.


Urban techniques, graphic design & upcycling.

Introductory and advanced workshops: urban art, graphic design, experimental techniques... Customized for different audiences and approaches, from schools and cultural events to professional teambuilding.

Always looking for new interesting projects!


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