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Icon, color, fusion and visual rhetoric.

OTTSTUFF (Estella, 1990) is a street artist and a professional graphic designer from Navarre. Mixing the languages and tools of graffiti and graphic design, he develops an oneiric and minimalist universe around the mutable icon, where visual poetry and rhetoric meet iconographic post-graffiti through an endless game of fusion and experimentation with the elements and principles of image theory. The face silhouette is OTTSTUFF’s flagship, a mutable icon which allows him to address different topics related to the human essence from equity, disregarding stereotypical differentiations. Playing and circular experimentation are the beginning and end of his creative work.


The pseudonym "OTTSTUFF" is a closed compound made up of two words: "Ott", the artist's second (German) surname and "stuff", a way to refer things in a general and informal way, without saying exactly what they are. As a neologism, "OTT" refers to free content transmission services ("over the top").  Read more [+]



Responsibility, integrity and commitment.

No matter how big or small the project is: the professional must always return that client's trust, taking the project forward and giving his best to offer a quality service. Being always in constant training and willing to improve is key to keep it fresh.


Positivity, dedication, and effort.

Otherwise, it wouldn't be possible. The creative profession requires years of hard work and constant effort, so keeping alive the passion that ignites creativity is key, bringing something unique to each job. Do what you love, love what you do.


Empathy, humility, honesty and equality.

Nobody is better than anyone else. Being honest, recognizing other people's effort and achievements, and effective listening are basic human virtues. Respect is something big: it has the power to unite people and ennobles those who exercise it.

Always looking for new interesting projects!


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