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Custom portraits


Painted by OTTSTUFF with ink and bleach on 108 g/m² Canson® Guarro® Ingres laid paper, a professional paper without acids made of natural cellulose (30% cotton) and antifungal treatment.

This is a technique of great difficulty, which does not admit neither corrections nor exact replicas, providing a unique and personal value to each of the artworks created with this technique. Bleach is a solution made of sodium hypochlorite (NaClO), capable of oxidizing certain dyes and fabrics. In turn, the ink exerts on the bleach an oposite action to the oxidation process (reduction), generating interesting chromatic tensions, which underpins the unexpected tones and nuances of this experimental wet technique.


Ink and bleach custom portrait 30x30cm

  • Custom artistic product.
  • Frame is not included.
  • Includes short clip of the process (30-60 sg).
  • Free shipping worldwide.

Select the number of people to portray:

300,00 €

  • aprox. 2 - 3 semanas / weeks



The higher the quality of the photograph you send, the more information you'll provide the artist, getting a better result. Click here on the "E-mail" or "WhatsApp" button to send your photograph.

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