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Flowing with the chance


Bleach is a solution made of sodium hypochlorite (NaClO), capable of oxidizing certain dyes and fabrics. In turn, the ink exerts on the bleach an oposite action to the oxidation process (reduction), generating interesting chromatic tensions, which underpins the unexpected tones and nuances of this experimental wet technique, intimately linked to OTTSTUFF work.



Personalized, unique and unrepeatable paintings.


Mastering this technique requires a lot of trial-and-error practice. Managing layers, solutions and drying times is almost as fundamental as learning to flow with chance, accepting the impossibility of having an absolute control, taking advantage of the unforeseen and putting the focus just on the creative process. This creative service is perfect for you either if you need an original editorial illustration or just want to gift a personalized portrait.


Live painting

The creative process as a spectacle


Although this technique is a widely known one among the artistic and creative community, it always arouses the spectator's curiosity, either for the artistic use of a decontextualized domestic product (bleach), or just for the intrinsic performative feature of the technique, "halfway the art and the experiment". It works effectively as live painting at concerts, festivals, cultural events, corporate events or celebrations.


Open to new projects


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