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Community murals

Emerging in Chicago (United States) during the late 1960s, the Community Mural Movement conceived the artistic process as stimulus for a social process, far beyond aesthetics. The main purpose of these interventions is to reunite artists with local communities around a collaborative process rooted in the tradition of mural painting, in order to create art that transforms not just  the public or shared spaces intervened, but also their inhabitants' lives and relationships.


Creating in community, growing in community.

Creative development aimed at achieving a common goal, supporting a healthy coexistence, defending values and promoting positive attitudes and behaviour.


Art as a powerful tool for social change.

Focussing the creative process as a shared human experience, with the capability of improving community relations, contributing to interpersonal development and strengthening the feeling of community.


Adaptable to different scenarios.

As a social and cultural activation tool, within creative education, and as team-building activity. Improve your community's human ties through participatory murals in shared spaces (schools, companies, associations, neighborhoods, etc.).



"The Forest of Chamberí"

Compartiendo Muros


Collaborative piece painted in Chamberi (Madrid) within the project COMPARTIENDO MUROS. We researched about the history and current needs of the district, giving voice to its neighbors during the process, and making them part of the transformation of a degraded access to one of their most emblematic parks into "The Forest of Chamberí", painted with the help of great helpers!

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"Collaborative Geometric Alphabet"

Azagra Community Art Meetings


Designing an alphabet collaboratively from basic shapes, agreeing on a word which represents the community, choosing its letters among all those made in the workshop, drawing the final design on the wall, and painting it as a team. In Azagra, the chosen word was "Tarras", a nickname that makes children and adults from Azagra smile. But this project is just one the results from an original activity designed by OTTSTUFF, who sets the "game rules" and provides both technical and artistic support during the process, helping the participating community to accomplish a common goal. In the artist's words: "This is an activity that involves people in the active improvement of their environment. Thanks to the participatory and community dynamics, the community becomes protagonist of a process which is even more important than the final result."


An original activity designed by © OTTSTUFF.

Bookings open (schools, companies, team-building, events ...)

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"We are basketball"

Campus Gigantes del Basket x OTTSTUFF


Collaboration between OTTSTUFF and CAMPUS GIGANTES DEL BASKET on a very special creative project. The starting point was the passion for basketball, a unique energy able to create a global community around, teaching values and empowering all of those who love this game from a very young age. For this project, a slogan of sixteen characters ("somos-baloncesto" / "we are basketball") was set as a force-idea, distributing each one of them over the sixteen training camps of the campus, thus uniting its almost 1500 participants in the same project, through creativity and basketball.


The final project appeared on the cover of GIGANTES JUNIOR, 
published by GIGANTES DEL BASKET and sponsored by Kellogs.

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"Respect Cultures"

Save the Children


This project was requested and carried out by a team of students from the Tomillo Foundation Hostelry School (Madrid), coordinated by Save the Children. They wanted to work on the problem of racism through graffiti. So we built a removable wall of boxes, working on both sides of the wall from a problem-solution structure. On the one hand, they painted a staircase with one person above and another person below, representing the difference in opportunities between people born in a favorable/problematic environments. On the other hand, they worked on the idea of social integration through a very powerful idée-force: "respect cultures". Here, lots of human silhouettes painted with stencils and different colors share the same space as equals. My job here as an artist was to act as a facilitator, providing them with the creative tools and knowledge they needed to bring their ideas to live. They presented the project in public, and they did it great!


It was a truly meaningful process.

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"Hello my name is"

Collaborative sticker bombing


An disruptive project, designed to "break the fourth wall" of PINTA MALASAÑA, giving a twist to the usual artist-visitor roles and relationship at the festival. OTTSTUFF created an original activity in which the artist served as a facilitator, generating an open space where anyone could contribute freely, participatively and casually through sticker-art (using the iconic "hello my name is" stickers), from neighborhood families and occasional visitors, to pioneers and benchmarks of the steet art scene in Madrid.

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"Paracuellos Youth Week"

Icons, stencils and spray paint


Iconographic community mural designed from the corporate colors of La Terminal (yellow, white and black), an innovative youth center in Paracuellos de Jarama. The project involved young people from the town, who stamped icons related to youth within a main icon (OTTSTUFF's characteristic face silhouette), learning urban techniques through the use of spray paint and stencils.

Let's paint a mural together!



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