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Communicate your brand value


Branding is about communicating your values as a brand, making it stand out among your competitors, connecting with your audience. Which values should we communicate? What makes us different? Who is our target audience? Applying technical knowledge related to the psychology of color, typography and the principles of visual perception, we will be able to transform these answers into an effective brand image, showing personality, style, coherence and unity throughout its different applications.



What are the qualities of a good logo?


Identification, differentiation and positioning.

To be unique in order to stand out, differentiating ourselves from our competitors and creating emotional ties with our audience, communicating our essence and values graphically


Versatile and adaptable.

Easily reproducible in different both printed and digital formats, working also in its one-ink variants (positive, negative and monochrome versions). The more flexible, the more consistent it will be as a brand, so the better notoriety it will be able to generate around itself.


Less is more.

Attractive, simple and clean. Having just the essential things is better than having superfluous things. Simplicity reinforces visual impact in order to favour its memorability. If you think of a logo, that first one coming to your mind will undoubtedly be aligned with this graphic design principles. Isn't it?

Art direction


From the concept to the accomplishment.


The art director's job is to conceptualize visual creativity, orienting it towards the accomplishment of an effective communication, able to transmit the ideas and objectives underlying your project. This job requires advanced technical knowledge on image theory, creativity and visual narrative, as well as the ability to lead and coordinate multidisciplinary teams. OTTSTUFF manages, supervises and directs the entire creative process of a project, from the concept to its accomplishment.



Creative posters, catalogs, invitations, postcards...

Management and implementation of all kinds of creative print and digital projects, from the scratch to the final graphic product.


Exhibition design, cultural spaces, educational centers...

Signage projects, ephemeral signage and premium decoration for offices, meeting rooms, etc.


T-shirt campaigns aimed at fundraising projects.

Production on demand using techniques such as screen printing or textile sublimation.

Specialized in the cultural and educational sector



A picture is worth a thousand words only when it contains them.


We live in a world overloaded with images, where the access to a camera is not an exclusive heritage of the professional anymore. However, beyond the megapixels and gear, there is a differential factor behind a picture: knowledge. When a trained professional shoots, he puts all his knowledge at the service of that image, contributing to a greater semantic load. Because a picture is worth a thousand words, but only when it contains them!


OTTSTUFF is specialized in color correction, nature photography and product photography. 



Photography service for physical catalogs and e-commerce.

White background photographs , product still lifes, and macro photography.


Cultural events, party events and natural spaces.

Photographic projects with their own narrative line, around a specific event or space.


Photographs conveying abstract meanings.

Best option for those campaigns that want achieve an interesting visual impact through conceptual images.

Moving image


Specialized in motion graphics, stop-motion and conceptual creatives for social networks and corporate videos.


The power of video as content and as marketing tool increases day by day. If we are looking for impact, there is no better way to connect with an increasingly hyper-connected audience. What is the main difficulty? Create short and highly visual creative pills capable of telling you beyond words in a short time, while being easily "digestible". OTTSTUFF uses creative techniques such as timelapse, stop-motion, or motion-graphics, creating videos with great visual impact, from small spots to corporate presentations.



Presentaciones audiovisuales de calidad a medida.

Audiovisual production of either short or extended corporate videos, optimized for different digital broadcasting channels.


Creatividades digitales para redes sociales.

Generate greater engagement through small audiovisual pieces designed around your content and needs.


Two-dimensional logo animation.

Provide an extra value to your audiovisual pieces by animating your logo. Applicable in intros, credits, curtains... and many more!

Open to new projects


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