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Why post-graffiti?

Behind graffiti, there are different people, circumstances and creative concerns, and creativity does not understand of watertight compartments. Unavoidably, graffiti evolves and merges with other passions and knowledge, in parallel with the individual's both personal and professional development, generating new variants. However, at a collective level, it is necessary to differentiate and safeguard the term 'graffiti' as an independent phenomenon.


The term 'post-graffiti' allows us establishing a precise contemporary link between certain urban interventions and graffiti culture, differentiating its spheres though. Post-graffiti is a discipline parallel to graffiti, which reinterprets part of its language, just as graffiti reinterprets other coexistent visual languages (comic, cartoons, mass culture...). However, post-graffiti is developed outside the limits of graffiti, requesting more plastic experimentation, dialoguing with a wider audience, and orienting interventions towards an harmonious integration within the public space. In summary, it is a term that protects the original meaning of graffiti against its distortion and misappropriation, without denying graffiti as a key influence and starting point in certain contemporary artistic interventions, allowing also to differentiate different artist's backgrounds and starting points.