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"Farm hands"

Murieta City Council


Mural project on the Murieta City Council's warehouse, which years ago was used as a barn. Murieta is a beautiful village in Navarre, close to the Ega River banks, crystalline at its pass through the area. The green and golden fields surrounding Murieta, make it easy to understand every family there has members associated to farm work: tradition and way of life over many generations. This mural is a commission from Murieta City Council which pays tribute to both rural life and all the 'Murietenses' neighbors there.

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"Las voces de la causa"

Carlism Museum of Navarre


Design and artistic recreation of the exhibition street stage. The exhibition street stage incorporates actual urban furniture from de city, illustrated shops, and multiple references to urban aesthetics. For instance, I incorporated nods to Basquiat crown, the so-called "graffiti buffs", chips, textures, stencils, stickers, and graffiti that reinterpreted some propaganda manifestations of the time.




I want to highlight the work of all the professionals who were part of this production: carpenters, painters, electricians, assemblers, vinyl makers... and all the technical team. Together, and after long work days, we built the stages of an innovative and very impressive exhibition, which turns the visit to the museum into an authentic sensory experience.

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