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Clay Illustration

Usually associated with childhood and the naïve, plasticine achieves its artistic recognition thanks to frame-by-frame animation or stop-motion. However, it is also a powerful still imaging technique, thanks to the sensory feature provided by its inherent tactile involvemen, transmitting positivity and kindness.


Clay illustration is a service aimed at companies, creative agencies, publishing projects and brands.


The creative process consists of five phases:


1. Interpretation of the briefing
2. Realization of the sketch
3. Modeling
4. Photography
5. Post-production


You will receive the final illustration as a high quality digital file, ready for application in digital and/or print. Additionally, there is the possibility of acquiring the final piece(s), in which case they will be made with bakeable polymer clay.


Allegorical vignettes on human nature.


Personal project.


Let's work on a project together!


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